5 things to know before outsourcing web development services for your business


If you run your own business, you must have been (so far) in a position to realize that having it all under one roof is really hard to accomplish. On the other hand, running your own business and thinking about outsourcing even the smallest team kinda makes you feel like you haven't tried enough.

Outsourcing website development services is even harder to digest sometimes. How hard can it be to get together a team of experienced developers that are easy to work with?!

We know. We've all been there.

But, having an effective team for web development doesn't have to be affected by the chance of finding that perfect team on your own.

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Let's make it clear - everything that one web development team has to be is:

  • Open to new ideas
  • Organized by experienced team leads or project managers
  • Responsive during your business hours
  • Effective with workload and
  • Honest about your project ideas and their workload

So, it doesn't have to be in-house, right?

Your ego might need that team in-house, but let's use our heart of business in this case and realize that outsourcing a web development team can be a blessing. Not just you, but for every other team already created in-house.

Since we know that this move is never easy to make, we'll take you through the things you need to know before finally giving a chance to web development outsourcing:

Table of contents:

  • How to know that the time to outsource the web development team for your business has come?
  • Major benefits from web development outsourcing
  • How complicated is connecting your in-house team with the outsourced team?
  • How much of your time will this outsourced team take in reality?
  • What to do when outsourcing the team goes south?

How to know that the time for outsourcing a developer team for your business has come?

If you're struggling with finding developers with top seniority, lots of experience, and a developed sense of knowledge that upgrading their skills is an absolute must, let us tell you – you're not the only one!

Finding a team of people who are ready to work as a team and to work every day on their skills as individuals is not as easy as it sounds. In the past, you probably had a team of one perfectly synced developer and a couple of not-so-inspired ones. The workload was light since you only had one website at the time, but, in the end, that good developer had to work more than the rest of that team, so he got bored and frustrated and left. Sounds familiar, right?

If you want to avoid another situation for this, it's time for you to outsource a team that will work until the job is done, framed with a date you set in a contract.

Outsourcing a team is not waiting for sheer luck – it's having actual results delivered, real projects finished, and real problems solved in a time frame you created.

Major benefits from web development outsourcing

  • Not recruiting
  • Not thinking about salaries
  • Not having a weekly meeting about giving a raise
  • Not having an obligation to fulfill all realistic and unrealistic wishes
  • Not having your deadlines prolonged every single time
  • No responsibility for managing the developer's team
  • No time-consuming meetings you don't have to attend, but you still feel obligated to

… We gave 7 reasons, and we can give you more. But you get the picture. This can be especially hard if your business is still not big enough to have recruiting teams, so you have to recruit, test, and evaluate every single person. Take care of the taxes, salaries, insurances, pensions plans… And still having trouble motivating them to finish the project on time. It's a full-time job, and you know it.

How complicated is connecting your in-house team with the outsourced team?

We would like to say that this part is a "piece of cake," but it depends. It depends on your in-house team, your working culture, timezone... If your in-house team has a "healthy" structure and team leaders who are willing to lead their teams in the direction of fulfilling the company goal, then you'll be very happy about your decision.

Generally, a web development outsourcing company is focused on your project only, and that leaves zero space for micromanaging urge (Because managing the outsourced team won't be your job, after all). Web development company gets get tasks and deadlines, and you get what you paid for.

Connecting that goal-driven team to other teams and looking at their jobs from different perspectives is not always ideal. But, some teams do work harder to overcome the obstacles in working dynamics and working cultures. The goal is to have an in-house team ready to be open-minded and driven by the results, not personal agendas.

How much of your time will this outsourced team take in reality?

If we say that, you won't even know you have a team when you're outsourcing a web development team – sorry, that's not possible. Yes, you have an outsourced team, but you're still their bosses boss. Once you start making agreements about outsourcing the web development team, create a space for meeting with the team. They will surely have some additional questions, concerns, and suggestions on how to do things easier/smarter/more efficiently. Place extra slots for that team in your weekly calendar, but know that the web development outsourced team will never schedule a meeting unless something is really important.

Also, suppose you're a fan of micromanaging (there's no shame in it) - the outsourcing companies usually have a team lead who will probably work with you towards creating a general trust, so your desire to know all about every single web project will eventually fade once you see the results and projects delivered as promised.

What to do when outsourcing the team goes south

We're NOT trying to save the worst for the end, but this happens, and that concern should be fairly addressed. Yes, things do go south. Sometimes, the gap between working with an outsourced team, you, and your team would be a deal-breaker. Sometimes, you will have issues with the time difference and in-house teams that refuse to work longer hours to meet the outsourced teams, and that problem is real! Sometimes, you just won't be experienced enough to outsource web development services on your own. You might even hire a team of procrastinators with no team leader, no manager, and no one in charge of delivering results to you, but that will be the lesson for you, not a fail.

Our final advice is – schedule a call with more than one web development team that is ready to be outsourced and invite your in-house team leaders to that meeting(s) before deciding on The Team. Sometimes, others will notice before you that some people just can't "click" in with what you need at that point, which will save your money and time.

Include your in-house team when making a decision. But, try staying aware that some of those in-house teams actually CAN be unrealistic about their expectations of an outsourced team.

Outsourcing website development services is even harder to digest sometimes.
We know. We've all been there.

Bottom line

Sometimes, you will feel the weight of having "two" houses under one roof, yes. But, if the "house still stands" at the end of the day, you will know that your decision to outsource the software development team has helped everyone involved in one project, not just you. Of course, you will feel super proud when all your web development projects are done before the deadline, but that's another story.

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